Late Period For 4 days already.

Patient: Hi,Im 17 turning 18 and I have an irregular period. The cycles varies from 30-34 days. But this time my period is super late. Its been late by 4 days. I had my period on 2/12/14 and ends on 6/12/14.My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for awhile and he pull out. He didnt felt like cumming at all.They say that pre-cum has sperms. But i read up alot its just a myth. So now is the 5/1/15 it still had yet to come. I’ve been really stress about it.Currently what im experiencing-> Abdominal cramps on the left side for days-> sore breast-> slight moodswing-> no vaginal discharge. ( very very little )-> no nausea-> no fatigue-> no frequent urgent urination-> no weird food cravings-> no sour/metallic taste->no high temperatures

Symptoms: Abdominal Cramps, Sore breasts, Moodswings. Late Period

Doctor: Hello,If your periods have been irregular and you have resorted to unprotected intercourse with your partner during y our fertile period, then even precum can get you pregnant as it is not a myth that precum doesn’t contain sperms, it does but yes in lower concentration along with the prostatic fluid which is rich in nutrition for the sperms and act as a media for the sperms to swim to the reproductive tract.If your concern is pregnancy and you are already late by 4 days, it is advised that you may opt for blood serum beta hcg test which can evaluate the hcg levels in body. If the levels are raised, it would confirm pregnancy but if the value is less than 1, then it is safely ruled out.If the test is negative then the symptoms your are experiencng can be safely attributed to premenstrual syndrome which mimic early pregnancy symptoms in absence of pregnancy and indicate that your menses would ensue in few days. The symptoms shall subside once the menses start or even in some cases by the end of menstrual bleed.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards