Late period…LMP 2/12/15

Patient: My period is 4 days late. Only had protected sex 2/4/15 or 2/5/15 (definitely one of those dates) and had a lighter than normal period on 2/12/15. I have not had sex since 2/4/15, but now I am worried that the lighter than normal period was implantation bleeding and not a true period. I have not had sex since 2/4/15. I have done 9-10 different urine pregnancy tests and all are negative. I spoke with my GYN who said I am not pregnant, that if I conceived on 2/4/15 the urine tests would be positive by now and there is no need for a blood test. I trust him, but maybe I want a second opinion.

Symptoms: Late period

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for a second opinion.I completely agree with your physician stating against any chances of pregnancy after being sexually active on 2/4/15. If you would have been pregnant, then by now for sure your urine pregnancy test would have been positive confirming pregnancy. As all the urine pregnancy tests have been negative, it is hence surely confirmed that you are pregnancy safe presently.The light bleeding which you experienced on 2/12/15 was indeed a menstrual bleed though scanty but not an implantation bleed. Moreover as the sex was completely protected, the chances of it being an implantation bleed was further lowered. The possible delay in your cycles is likely to be due to stress induced hormonal imbalances during the last few months which can not just delay menses but also may cause scanty blood flow during the periods. However, this calls for an evaluation with a hormonal profile and an ultrasound pelvis to check for endometrial thickness of the uterus. If the menses are delayed by more than 15 days and the endometrial lining is more than 10mm, then you can safely opt for a withdrawal bleed with progestins to resume your menses.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards