Lately I’m been having back pain that goes down my butt

Patient: Lately I’m been having back pain that goes down my butt and the back of my left leg and sometimes the right. It hurts really bad and when i walk and have the pain I have to stop and hold on to something. I’ve done stretches, heating pads, and used Aspirin but nothing really helps. Also today I have a really weird experience. The very bottom part of my butt and inner thighs close to my private are started tingling and then I peed a little bit! Can someone please tell me what’s going on?

Doctor: HiThanks for your queryI have gone through your query and understand your concern. You are likely to be having ac ute disc prolapse. It can be confirmed by MRI lumbar spine. Primary treatment of it is rest in lateral position with both hips and knees flexed. Analgesic such as ibuprofen are given for pain relief. But as your perineal area is somewhat numb and you have incontinence of urine, you should be careful and probably visit an Orthopedician for its investigation and treatment.Hope your query get answered.Wishing you a good health.Take care.