LDL cholesterol elevation despite statin therapy

Patient: Had blood work done again. been on 20 mg of pravastin for 3 years. 2 years blood work came back great. this one triglycerides was 139 total cholesterol 201 hdl 43 ldl 130 i am 98 lbs. very active don’t eat meat or fast foods. i really read labels for fat and cholesterol. blood pressure is usually low. would taking fish oil help. doc said cholesterol was inhertited.also had 35 other blood test done all came back excellent. what do i need to increase or decrease p.s. i do love chocolate usually a candy ba or 2 at work. thank you

Doctor: According to the American Heart Association guidelines the desirable Total cholesterol level is <200 mg/dL, and a HDL L cholesterol of 60 mg/dL or higher gives some protection against heart disease. Optimal LDL cholesterol levels are <100mg/dL and Triglyceride levels are <150 mg/dL. On balance, your LDL cholesterol level is still above the optimal range even with statin therapy. Fish oil consumption lowers serum triglyceride concentrations by 25 to 30 % and fish oil supplementation also modestly raises HDL-C concentrations, which may be beneficial in your case. You may also increase the pravastatin dose up to a maximum of 80mg per day, as tolerated by side-effect profile. I would advise discussing these options with your family physician.