Ldl/hdl ratio validilty

Patient: I’m 63 5’4″ 118 lb female with a ldl/hdl ratio of 1.9, but my doctor seems to be concerned with my hdl of 272 ??

Doctor: Thank you for your question. High density lipoprotein (HDL) is a protein that carries cholesterol to the liver for proce ssing, storage or utilization for energy. Low density lipoprotein (LDL) transports cholesterol from the liver into systemic circulation. When LDL is in excess it can be deposited into the arteries causing atherosclerosis. HDL on the other hand, when its levels are above 60mg/dl is reported to protect against heart disease. Increased levels of HDL have not been reported to cause any significant deleterious health risks. It is possible that the value of 272 indicates your total cholesterol level rather than HDL level. If this is the case, then your cholesterol is a little high. It is recommended that cholesterol levels should be around 200.Thank you for choosing AskTheDoctor.com