Leaking amniotic fluid when 34 weeks pregnant. Is this a risk?

Patient: Hi. . . . This is a pregnancy question that I need answered asap. I don’t want to go to my hospital, as it is an hour away, and they always make me feel like I’m overreacting. And maybe I am. But a couple of nights ago, I woke up with my pajama bottoms soaked. I thought nothing of it, because in pregnancy (34 weeks) there’s always a chance of urine accidents, right? Except that my bladder was full to bursting, and when I sniffed it, it didn’t smell at all like urine. Still, I thought nothing of it. Discharge, and whatnot. So I went back to bed. While standing, there were no problems, but lying down, especially on my side, I noticed a constant wetness. (Tmi, sorry.) When I woke up three hours later, I had again soaked through my shorts. Since then, I haven’t soaked through anything, but I have been constantly wet, even noticing upon standing up a sudden small gush that I couldn’t control. My belly seems smaller, and harder. I don’t know if I’m leaking amniotic fluid or not, but I need a doctor’s opinion. When I try to call my doctor, they put me on hold for so long, I just hang up, because my cell phone is a minute phone.

Doctor: Thank you for your query.It looks like there is a draining of the amniotic fluid, this could be true because of the fa ct you say that the belly size has decreased & its become a lot harder, which is also an indication that the amniotic fluid is being lost. It is advisable to see the gynecologist as soon as possible on an urgent basis. You should use a sanitary napkin which is sterile & has to be changed at frequent intervals as the amniotic fluid is a rich medium for growth of microbes & the infection can ascend up the genital tract & can prove harmful to the fetus as well. Therefore be cautious visit the doctor.Hope that answers your query. Goodluck for your pregnancy