LeBron James like many athletes in North America, appears to be extremely frustrated with COVID-19.

It seems everyday multiple NBA players are testing positive for the omicron variant even though a majority of these players show no symptoms or have very mild illness similar to the common cold or flu.

The frustrated James recently posted a meme on his instagram feed (over 106 million followers) with three identical Spiderman superheroes pointing at each other labeled as "COVID," "cold," and "flu."

Many people are seeing this post as insensitive and downplaying the severity of the pandemic which has taken over 4.5 million lives worldwide.

"When LeBron speaks people listen." said Prakash Chand, CEO of Ask The Doctor. "He has been a great role model to the world, so what he says carries a lot of weight with everyone. I just personally feel that post wasn't needed especially with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals putting in all this extra time at work and not being able to see their families during the holiday season."

While at first glance, it seems the omicron is causing less severe illness in many, it's just still too early to know what the effects could be in the new year with this high case count.

The finish line does appear to be close but will just require a bit of patience on everyones end while we let the true experts learn more.