Left and Right Ovarian englarged

Patient: Hello! I have a medical problem, can you please advice me what shall I do next?I am 28 years old, and went fora IRM,on the 19-th day of the menstruation, with an ovarian problem. The results are:Ovarian are enlarged, the right:4.51*3.24*3.47cm, the left: 6.76*3.68*3.50cm. In the left ovarian there can be seen tissue-liquid formations, with many intracavitar vegetations. In the right ovarian the situation is same,but less.In the Douglas space: traces of liquids.The uterus is in normal dimensions, the PAP test is good,.My CA 125 is 28.14VSH: 11CA 15-3 : 0.06.Can you please tell me what should I do next? Thank YOU!

Doctor: Thank you for your query.After carefully going through your email I would like to make the following suggestions. The CA-125 levels are raised but are not very high. It is better for you to meet the doctor and go for an ovarian biopsy, which will give a more insight into the problem.Depending on the results, as per doctors instructions next line of action can be planned for.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.

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Patient: Thank you for the answer! The normal values of CA 125 at the laboratory where I took the test was 0-35. Does it still mean it is enlarged? Thank you