Why does my left butt cheek twitch randomly?

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Patient: My left butt cheek has been twitching for the last week at random times. Why?

Symptoms: Constant twitch of my left butt cheek.

Doctor: What you are experiencing is referred to as muscle fasciculations. Muscle fasciculations could be a natural phenomenon commonly observed with larger skeletal muscles, or can be associated with an underlying muscle or nerve condition. Since you have been experiencing these fasciculations in the left gluteal region, it could be that the sciatic nerve is being irritated. This can resolve on its own without any further treatment. Since it has been going on for a week, we recommend that you have your doctor examine your lower back and legs, to determine if you could possibly have irritated the sciatic nerve. You may need to have an x-ray performed of this area to determine if you have intervertebral disc herniations which could be pressing on the sciatic nerve branches resulting in your symptoms.[/bg_collapse]

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Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

Dr. Jimmy Obaji completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba. He currently operates a walk-in-clinic in downtown Toronto.

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