Left knee gaving away when playing football

Patient: Hi, I had a knee injury for quite a few months. The injury happened on 28 dec, as I was playing football. All of a sudden, my left knee gave way. At the moment I can’t really stand up or straighten my leg. Until now, the same thing have been happening if I played too agrassive. I went to see doctors for a couple of time but they just told me too rest or they gave me pain killers. Any ideas for me as I don’t want to go for sergury as my parents discourage.

Doctor: The feeling of giving away is due to a joint instability because the ACL is one of the main factors that provide the st stability on the knee joint. Both ligaments ACL and PCL are very important to stabilize the knee joint backwards and forwards, the lateral ones stabilize it side to side, the menisci give cushion between femur and tibia, and the synovial fluid lubricates all the surfaces minimizing the friction during the movements, so as you can see every element is important for the correct function of the knee joint. Most likely you do not have the adequate stability that your knee joint required because one of the main stabilizers might be is injured. The heat and cold treatments are indicated to basically control pain and inflammation and yes they help to increase the blood flow in the area when there is  a partial rupture of the ligaments but if your  ACL is completely torn,  the surgical repair would be the right treatment choice.