Left leg feels sore and woody while running

Patient: Hi all,I’m a 33 years old male, 188 cm of height and 82 kg of weight, good built.I’ve been a sporty guy almost my whole life, except for 1 year two years ago -work and travel no injuries-, but when I went back to sport I’ve noticed my left leg feels funny when I’m running, and at first it took 20 minutes running for this feeling to appear, these days it will appear as short as 8 minutes!It feels like a sore and that my front left lower leg from the knee down to the ankle -tibialis anterior- is made of wood! I know how this might sound but this is exactly how it feels, and I loose about 80% of my ankle control, the rest of the leg -knee up to torso “quads” and back side of the lower leg “calves”- are perfect.It worth mentioning that I had an injury in the same area of the leg when I was in high school and I was told that some ligaments were torn with a light bone fracture, it was in cast for about 3 weeks or so, though I didn’t have any problems with it in the years after until 2 years go.I’m guessing it’s the tibialis anterior tendon but I don’t know why now!?Thanks for caring!

Symptoms: Leg sore, woody feeling