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Left Mid back pain and left abdominal pain sharp,Tender to

Patient: Left Mid back pain and left abdominal pain. sharp,Tender to the touch, bruised feeling. 3 to 4 days now. ER?



Doctor: Hello, Welcome to AskthedoctorYou should visit ER at the earliest, tender abdomen with bruised appearance can be from retroperitoneal bleed, can be due to pancreatic pathology. It is strongly recommended to visit an ER, even if you currently feel pain as bearable. Get a complete evaluation and primary treatment, later on, follow up at ATD for the second opinion.If there are any questions, please ask.Feel free to discuss further.Regards



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Patient: It doesnt actually look bruised but feels like a bruise. Tenderness on back so bad that it hurt to have the water hit it in the shower. Lack of appetite and some nausea. What could it be?

Doctor: I’m sorry but the tender abdomen with bruised appearance is such a alarming and a red flag sign we need to take it very seriously, now coming back to your question.
Mid back pain along with pain in abdomen can be due to
Renal pathology
Pancreatic or splenic involvement
Gastric or duodenal ulcer
These conditions frequently give rise to the symptoms, until the disease is localized to one part with specific/ characteristic symptoms this is difficult to diagnose from history and requires clinical examination for the same. In most cases of acute abdominal pain even the clinical examination don’t point toward a specific cause and USG is indicated. My recommendation is to visit your local doctor prefer ER in your case and get yourself examined and investigated.
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