Left scrotum and testicle pain

Patient: Hi Dr, for quite sometime now, more than 6 month , experience pain on my left scrotum, testicle, pain sometime goes all the way thru the penis, dont have problem in urinate, i had took the ultra sound though seem to be ok no swelling or enlargment of the nuts. the other things my penis doesnt become wet as before when i feel sensional or touch a girl, could it be the reason. i had the UTI before could it result into this issue , when i sleep with the women, when i pee i feel the pain during ejaculation , please your help is needed

Symptoms: frequently burning pain especial during sit.

Doctor: You have complained of pain in left scrotum radiating to penis associated with difficulty in ejaculation. Most of the sy mptoms suggest that you might have an infection either STD or UTI. A complete urine analysis and semen analysis must be done to identify if there is any infection or not and the source of infection if infection is present. You used antibiotics but its better to start antibiotics after a sensitivity report of urine culture to start appropriate antibiotics. Consult a urologist for further management.