Left should pain and neck area

Patient: Ive had a pain in my left shoulder and up the back of my head..I ve tried, over the counter crème for the pain. Bur it on help for a while and then back again It is tight in my shoulder area where the muscle is …tens machine help while im using it .. but right back again when I wake up in the morning or when im doing anything like mowing and any activity..Ive has this now for a month almost, wake up in the morning stiff and cant turn my neck but a little on that side and muscle seems to be swelled…thank you ..

Symptoms: I have soreness and pain in my shoulder and neck. and the nerve going up behind my ear is sore and I have tingling up it…and head ache on that side..

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you are experiencing a nerve impingement in the area of your cervical s pine. Such an impingement of one of the nerve branches of the cervical spinal cord could result in shoulder pain, and tingling up the neck. You have also observed some swelling and decreased range of motion of your neck which is likely due to a muscle strain of your neck. This strain will cause excess pressure on the nerves of the neck resulting in your observed shoulder pain and paresthesia (tingling and numbness). We recommend that you apply ice to the swollen area to assist in pain management however it is important that you have this area examined by your doctor to make sure your neck does not have any severe injury requiring further testing. Please see your doctor.AskTheDoctor.com wishes you a rapid recovery.