Left shoulder ,lower back pain

Patient: I am retired military,I spend 28 years in the Army,my question is this,I fell off the back of a moving vehicle to save another Soldier life.i fell on my left shoulder at that time I was young ,and know I am having trouble with my shoulder and my back,would that fall cause back pain,according to an MRI I have protruding disk and it hurt all the time

Symptoms: Shoulder and lower back pain

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.com for an opinion.The history of fall during your serving career with mil itary is unlikely cause of your back-pain today because f the insult would have occurred then you would have been facing this ordeal throughout and not just after retirement.The evidence of prolapsed vertebral disc is the cause for constant shoulder and lower back pain. Any form of awkward positioning of the spine be it lateral or forward bending can cause compression of the prolapsed disc and can initiate pain successively. You need to visit your physician for a possible vertebral arthrodesis and discectomy procedure to relieve you off your pain and treat the prolapse as well. It is suggested that you may discuss the options with your physician and take an informed decision, however physiotherapy exercises can form the main stay for conservative treatment in your case if surgery is to be avoided.I hope i have answered your question in detail,wishing you good health,regards