Left Upper Quadrant Pain

Patient: What are the symtoms of gall bladder problems i have been having stomach cramps for a couple of days and a pain in my left side under my rib

Doctor: Diseases of the gallbladder usually have pain in the right upper quadrant abdomen and are associated with nausea and vom iting. There may also be a fever depending on the condition present. Your symptoms are unlikely to be associated with your gallbladder. Conditions affecting the pancreas, left lung, left kidney and the spleen are more likely to cause the pain you have described. Some conditions of the large bowel may have left sided abdominal pain as well. It is best you have yourself examined by a physician to come up with a diagnosis

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Guest: I have had the same pain. I had an endoscope, colonoscopy, and lab work done. It showed inflammation in my esophagus and stomach. The amylase and lipase levels were normal, but the pain hasn’t gone away!