Left Ventricular Hypertophy

Patient: Hi, I am a 24 year old male 180 lbs 5’11”. I am currently taking Cadiology Technologist program and during practice I had a 12 lead done on myself as an example. Previous to this I was in the military so I have had quite a bit of physical activity up until about the last 6 months with school taking away from my work out time. I drink on average 2 drinks a night, 2 cups of coffee a day and am a non smoker. My question is, on my ECG, V2 had an S wave deflection of 15 mm and V5 had a R wave deflection of 20mm. This puts me at 35mm (V2+V5). This would be considered LVH would it not? My rate was 74bpm, QRS .10 sec, QT .36 sec. I show no signs of LAE on any P waves. BP is 129/74. Should I get this looked into or is it likely benign.

Doctor: A calculation of 35mm is considered to be on the border between normal and mild voltage criteria for left ventricular hy pertrophy. Left ventricular hypertrophy can be a normal variant, in an athletic young person as a reaction to aerobic exercise or in a thin person due to high voltages. However if you are still concerned I would advise an echocardiogram, which can be organised by your family doctor.