Leg and ankle pain and swelling of lower limbs

Patient: Why my knee down to my ankles Iam swollen,you can not see my ankle bones in my foot because of the selling.Is this my heart or something more? And every time i bend my leg it pops at the knee,like bone on bone.also feels like theres water around my knee to.whats this mean. Thank You for your help.

Doctor: You seem to be having some multiple issues going on.The swelling in your legs is called edema and occurs due to the accu mulation of fluid below your  skin. It can occur in various conditions like heart and liver issues, kidney problems etc. However the fact that your knee is also swollen I am concerned about a thing called bakers cyst which is a cyst like mass present behind the knee and can lead to these symptoms which are extremely painful. You need to see a physician in person for a more indepth examination. All the best