Leg and feet tingling,numbness

Patient: Hi I was wondering if you could help me, im 27 and am suffering from tingling,numbness in my legs and in particular my feet. I dont have any pain but my legsare really heavy and its quite unsettling. Is this something I need to see mydoctor about? Also about 2 years ago I had a mole on my back that was removedasthe Doctor thought it was cancerous, It turned out not to be but they said itcould be signs of another illness (i dont remember the name) I was told theywould probably call me back for tests to rule it out but apparently its a veryrare condition, I was never called back to the hospital however my doctor didask me if I suffer from any lumps or bumps on my legs and tiredness in them (Itold her my les ache a lot) Im wondering if this could all be connected? Idappreciate your help many thanks