Leg cramps and nausea

Patient: My husband is an adult onset type 1 diabetic. Early this morning he had severe thigh cramping, with headache and nausea. Had one more incidence of leg cramping early this afternoon. But nausea persists. No vomiting. I have given him a multivitamin, 20 ounces of electrolytes for pediatrics and 2-325 mg aspirins and 2 bananas- one with breakfast and one with lunch. At what point should I seek medical attention? I think it is hypokalemia and a little dehydration. Blood sugars are normal (90-100 range- 3 different tests). He takes 3 units of insulin in the morning and is well monitored. He is on a low carb diet- no more than 15g per meal. Right now, he is resting peacefully.