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Leg Cut

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I woke up about a month ago with a little cut on my leg no larger then the size of a pencil eraser and it won't heal. It has scabbed over a little and isn't getting any better! Why not? No history of diabetes in the family. I have herpes simplex one on the genitals but I think that that is completely unrelated. Help please!


There are several factors that may delay wound healing: Wound infection, Medications such as predisone, chemotherapy drugs, Diabetes Mellitus, HIV infection, and Leukemia/Lymphoma (cancer of the blood). The most common factors are infection and Diabetes. A wound infection is easily recognizable by swelling of the area around the wound, increased warmth, fever and pus discharge. Diabetes may not have any symptoms so you will need to be tested for that. You should see your physician for a complete assessment. He/She will perform a clinical examination and order the appropriate tests.

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