Legionella infection in a pediatric patient.

Patient: My Granddaughter has been sick. She was hospitalized with RSV. during that time she had a urin culture done. It came back positive for Legionella. Her doctor said that it must be a false positve because babies do not contract that disease. My online research says otherwise. He gave her the antibiotics to be safe but I wonder if there is more we should do. Is he right?

Doctor: Certainly Legionnaire’s disease is not a common condition found in children, however certain risk factors such as weaken ened immune system, direct exposure to the bacteria or having too much exposure to air condition or water systems such as pools and spa might increase the chances of developing the disease.However due to the age , i would have chosen to test for antigens again to confirm the diagnosis. Since your granddaughter already started the treatment, I would suggest her to complete it and follow up for other respiratoy conditions. This should be enough to fight the infection. I wish her a prompt recovery.