Legs/Anke and Toes discoloured from bruising. Diagnosis?

Patient: I fell over and consequently got a bruise on my leg, a week after the bruise has begun to swell and there is excess water in my ankle, and my toes are beginning to turn ‘blue-ish’. What should I do?

Symptoms: Swollen leg, and ankle as well as toes loosing their colour

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.I recommend a visit to an orthopedic immediately. There is a possibility of a ccumulation of blood ( hematoma) resulting in the swelling and compression of the blood supply to the toes. This is extremely dangerous situation and should not be taken lightly. There is also a possibility of fracture if the impact was forceful. Diagnosis would involve X-RAY, CT scan and a complete biochemical blood profile. After a careful analysis involving history, general and local examination and a series of tests the physician would come to the correct diagnosis. If there is a fracture treatment would involve immobilization and external / internal fixation depending upon the type of fracture.Medications would be prescribed depending upon the diagnosis.Hope this information was useful.