Lesion on my penis. pain when urinating

Patient: I had unprotected intercourse with a girl 10 days ago. After the intercourse (which was a bit rough) I noticed a bruise on my glans.The following few days, my penis was hurting similar to a sore muscle.However, 3 days later (4 days ago) I noticed a small tear near the hole of my urethra and a lesion which hurts very much when I urinate. I put some cream on it to try and help but it had no effect so far.I noticed also that my urine had an unpleasant smell for a few days.When going for a bowel movement, sometimes I feel a soft pain around my anus.Last Thursday I took 1g of zithromax in case it was chlamydia.I’m shy to go to the doctor… Can anyone help me?I’m a caucasian male in my mid 20s

Symptoms: Burning when urinating