Less blood during periods

Patient: Ok so its period time but I had only a little blood none on the pad just up inside not heavy flow and I have had period like cramps and wanting to sleep all day and I’m only 15 I can’t afford to buy answers and I can’t buy a pregnancy test my mom would get mad but I wanna know if I am pregnant

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.At a young age of 15, periods are expected to be irregular for a few years till the cyc les tune up naturally, due to hormonal changes. Hence, there could be a mild flow this time and not a complete cycle. However, if you have been sexually active, there is a chance of pregnancy and it has to be ruled out. It is better to get yourself tested for pregnancy and confide to your mother, rather than living with a doubt and letting the problem grow. Mother’s are a child’s best friend and it will surely solve the problem. Kindly act wisely and do not take any drastic steps.Hope this helped.Regards