Patient: My son has had reccurrent throat infections for over five months. He has tested pos for strep four times and has been on antibiotics three times the past two months. He has also had reccurent unexplained fevers. He has always complained of sore bones, saying they are twisting and breaking. He complains of sore stomach and headaches periodically. He had blood work done last week that came back normal. This week he had another strep infection and wbc count came back high and chest xray showed inflammation. Dr. attributed the inflammation to coughing, although he hasn’t been coughing, he was vomiting the night before with the strep infection. Should I assume this is normal? The Dr’s don’t seem to be concerned. The high wbc count was attributed to the pos. strep throat swab. Should I continue to ask for more tests as I have a bad feeling that something more is going on? What would the Dr’s do next? They are talking about a tonsiliectomy, however, I just feel the infections may manifest themselves elsewhere.