Lifting Shagging Breats

Patient: Hello doctors .I’m a 20 years old Asian girl , I began to develop quite early ( 10 years old). I was, and am a little overweight.My breast are too big for my body and saggy. Also, my nipples are way too small for my breasts. They’re really my biggest concern about my body right now.I’ve done some research and learnt that only surgery will work lifting my breast. but I dont like the surgery idea, I want to hear your professional opinion. And if you think (it’s that bad) I should have a surgery, I would like to know the procedures.( Is it safe ? Any noticeable risks ? Beside that, can I have a reduction ? and …. price, if you don’t mind )Thank you and have a nice day

Symptoms: Saggy breasts

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Doctor: Hello,At 20 years of age when you are yet to start a family , it is actually not advisable to go for any form of surg ery procedures as the prime concern is to avoid any injury to the lactiferous or milk producing acini and their ducts which invariable occur during breast reduction surgery or mammoplasty. This is an adverse effect because if the lady decides to get pregnant and then when she has to breast feed then anyways the size of breasts would increase due to filling of milk , but if the surgery is done then probably a repeat surgery would be warranted once family is completed. Also there may occur problems with milk ejection and production during breast feeding .So, breast surgery is to be contemplated only once the lady has completed her family. At present you may choose to wear tight brassiere and avoid excessive manipulation or massaging of breasts, that should help prevent from further sagging.I hope i have answered your concerns in detail,wishing you good health,regards