Likelihood of Pregnancy

Patient: Hi -Hopefully you can provide some insight to my nervousness. Here’s the situation:Last night, my girlfriend of 6 years (now my fiancé) were being intimate and things escalated sexually. My penis did enter her vagina several times (although only partially, being as we were both virgins and her hymen is still intact) and I’m sure i released some pre-ejaculate. However, I did not actually’s some factors:- We were fooling around sexually earlier that day (no intercourse though), during which I did ejaculate; I urinated several times afterwards (prior to the initial situation described earlier).- According to a medical app that she uses to track her cycle/period, her ovulation occurred several days prior and her period is due in 10-12 days.- Stupidly, we were not using contraceptives.Now, I understand that there are many variables at play in attempting to determine whether or not someone might have become pregnant; I don’t expect a definite answer. Also, I know that, since we do not want a child at this point in time, we should have taken precautions. It was a juvenile mistake.Regardless, I would like a professional’s opinion: what do you think might be the likelihood of a pregnancy in a situation like this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.