Limb numbness and anemia

Patient: Could I be anemic?I’ve been looking up info about it but I’m not really sure if it’s a good guess for my symptoms. I seem to have very poor circulation and I wonder if it is a result of anemia.I have very cold hands and feet on a daily basis. My feet are cold nearly all the time and my hands are cold a lot too. My feet are so cold sometimes that my toes go numb, even with shoes and socks on, regardless of weather or temperature. My arms and legs go completely numb very easily. Example: if my legs are crossed too long my feet and sometimes lower leg go numb, if I rest my head on my hand too long my hand and forearm go numb. Recently if I have a leg bent for a while when sitting I literally collapse upon putting weight on that leg to stand. I do not feel any numbness and nothing weird when putting weight on the leg, yet I immediately fall and cannot control it. One time I had to use the wall to help me walk after falling 3 times so that I wouldnt fall again.I am a vegetarian and I take prenatal vitamins daily. I eat decently healthy and drink a couple caffeinated drinks a day. I do not exercise. I’m very slender. I get a decent amount of sleep every night.