Limitation to full arm extension

Patient: About 2 months ago I woke up with my arm hurting quite a lot. I couldn’t really straighten it more than 90 degrees or so without a lot of pain. It very gradually started getting better, but for the last month or so I still can’t straighten my arm entirely. I didn’t bump it or anything to my knowledge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Doctor: In the view that you do not have history of trauma or any acute event that may be causing that limitation to the total extension of your arm, it is important to rule out some other causes, meaning infectious, metabolic, or other conditions that might be playing a role and might be  affecting joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, skin or nerves. If you can relate the  limitation and pain with a physical stress that you might have done, give it a try with anti inflammatory medication for one week (“Advil”, “Motrin”). If the symptoms persist after that, then I strongly recommend you to go to your doctor and get a clinical and lab evaluation to rule out some serious conditions and determine the best treatment option for you.