Links say that 3 inches HEIGHT GAINED in 2-3 months.

Patient: I am 19 year and 26 days old, a boy and my weight is 55Kgs and my height is 5 feet 6 inches. I am a Sciencestudent and aspiring Computer Engineer, and I want to grow taller. I used to play badminton for 3 hours a daytill 2011 then stopped playing and stopped playing many physical activities so that I can cope up withstudies. Then from the past 2 months I started working again. Once I went to a gym and did excessive workoutand got DOMS. I got relieved after 1 week. After this week I got a gland near my mouth because of infection,so I went to a physician, my mom asked him for my growth and he advised my to join gym and told me to tell thetrainer that you want to be strong. But since I have about a month joining gym, I decided to keep myself fit,so I go to a nearby park in the morning at 7 a.m. and do jogging for 20 to 30 minutes, then I follow withstretching exercises which I have learnt during my badminton years for my national level matches. Then I amalso doing exercises mentioned in Grow Taller For Idiots which I downloaded from torrent sites. I have alsostarted taking a good diet. Earlier I didn’t took good diet, I mostly remained hungry and didn’t ate. Mymother and father scolded me many times but I didn’t listened to them but now as I have realized, so I amdoing good.Overall, I am working 2 days then off and then again. I want to grow taller too. In 2011, I also visited aendocrinologist for height matters (to be noted that my parents told me to do physical work, but I didn’tlistened to them and for 1 and a half year from this point I was inactive, as I mentioned above due tostudies). This doctor analyzed my testes size, then a x ray of my wrist, and in his prescription he told me toeat PEDIASURE everyday twice and physical work, like basket ball, swimming, stretching etc. I should tell youthat my neighbourhood does not have facilities for basket ball, so form April 2012 to september 2012 I didswimming. Swimming made me feel reduced may be because I didn’t took proper diet then too. Overall, I haveworked hard but never took extra calories to be converted for weight gain and maybe thats why I never gained aweight also you can say that I am between Ectomorph and Mesomorph.I have been searching through internet for heigh gain from many days, I know natural ways are best and I amgoing to stay with them, and I don’t care for the amount of hardship I have to do, I will do. But since, I aman Indian I always feel that our dietary styles are not very good, everyday we eat rotis and vegetables, nonveg is uncommon. So proteins are coming only from milk and eggs, but then how much. So I have started takingchicken and mutton frequently too. I wish we can have buffalo here, I have learnt in that itis very very good for health.Not somethings I learnt that,at night we should take more proteins than carbs and fats so that during sleep more HGH is released.Also learnt that milk before bed and after awakening is great.Also I learnt that working for more than 10 minutes or so after your lactate threshold significantly increasesthe release of HGH.Also HGH is released most during sleep and is released in pulses every 2 to 3 hours.And then I also learnt that, melatonin, gaba, L-Arginine etc help boost the release of HGH naturally.I also started listening to binaural/isochoric tones given at a link to bring brainwaves at delta frequesncybefore sleep for release of HGH.Also I learnt that it is good rule of thumb that when growth plates fuse, growth stops. But since tht doctor 2years ago advised me to work hard and I am not much changed in this years I and sure that mine are not fused.Because my father tells me that he grow two inches after his marriage, an I don’t believe it to be true but mymother supports it too and at that time he was 27 years old, also at I learnt that men keepon growing till 25 so ultimately I believe that anyone can grow if they work hard and 4 inches might not be abig deal. My father also tells me that he used to coomute a lot on his cycle when he grew. A body builder’sbones enlarge, why becausehe makes them to.So Sir/Madam, below are some links for your references, these have comments too that say that people grew,thought their percentage is less. link contains a cooment from maryam that says her daughter took L-Arginine, prescribed by a doctor andshe grew) since my teenage years I don’t feel I have ever grown 3 to 4 inches taller at once, what we call spurt,that I never had a growth spurt.Check this link too – my appeal, I kindly request the concerned person replying, that he or she must not demotivate me orelse don’t reply.Now sir, you know about me, I want to know which of the above HGH releasers to take and how so that they don’taffect me and along with my workout in morning help me in compounding my height. Also I learnt by Kris Gethin that during body building at a proper stage, these and other amino acids are to be taken to complete the body needs of essential amino acids, so if I have to take later then why not now.Thank You very much for reading this. Kindly help this fellow.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Your height is genetically predetermined and at present there is no supplement, or medicati on on the market that can assist you in growing taller. The claims made by such supplements are not tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. This also means, we are not certain if they are even safe for consumption. We do not recommend taking these supplements. The only way to increase height at present is by surgical lengthening of the long bones of the legs by an orthopedic surgeon. This surgery comes with a lot of side effects including weakening of the bones.Thank you for consulting