Lithium carbonate and Master cleanse (Lemonade diet)

Patient: I want go on 10 day Master cleanse(Lemon, organic maple syrup and cayenne pepper mixture with water only for 10 days) I am on 800 mg of Lithium Carbonate daily. Can I do it ? Or is it dangerous? My only food will be Master cleanse home made lemonade drink. Please let me know. Thank you. I am 38 old female. I have been on Lithium for last 14 years where I had a 5 year break as I was completely well, now i am back on lithium for the last 3 years. I was 48 kg now I am 87. I have to lose weight somehow as I tried diets and gym with no change. Please advise me. Thanks again

Doctor: First of all, in the view that you are on Lithium treatment, consult with your doctor if it is ok to start the “master er cleanse”. Also I recommend you to get an evaluation by a nutritionist or dietitian to determine the best choice regarding a healthy diet regime for you to lose the excess of weight.