Little swelling and late periods

Patient: The last time that i got intimate (no vaginal intercourse) was 2½ months ago. Since 2 months, i have been having my periods but this time it is late. I have a little swelling around my navel and just below the navel, it feels little hard. Apart from the little sweeling and my late periods, there are no visible changes in my body yet. Could i be pregnant? Please reply doon

Symptoms: Nothing unusual. Little of PMS

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Since you say that you had normal and regular periods for two cycles after your sexual act an d you also stated that there was no vaginal intercourse. In this scenario the chance of pregnancy from that sexual intimacy may not lead to a pregnancy. There may be other underlying reasons for the swollen navel like an ovarian cyst, urinary treat infection, infection in the pelvic cavity, appendicitis etc. It is suggested that you see the doctor who will do a physical examination, ultrasound scan and imaging to diagnose the underlying cause and suggest suitable treatment options.Hope that answers your query.