LMP 7.6 weeks, gestation sac age 6 weeks with fetal pole.

Patient: My wife LMP is 7.6 week ,Gestation sac age is 6 weeks, fetal pole is seen with no cardiac activity.She is facing light brown spotting for last 3 days.Any wrry sign??

Symptoms: light brown spotting for last 2 days

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Generally by the week 6 fetal cardiac activities will be seen on the transvaginal ultrasound scan. But sometimes it may even start on the week 7 also. This asynchrony between menstrual period and gestational age can be due to delayed ovulation, or a hormonal imbalance etc. When light spotting is there, it will not be a problem, but medical supervision and intervention is required to see if all the hormonal parameters like estradiol, progesterone and hCG are at apt levels or do they need to be supplemented to support the pregnancy. The doctor can also suggest medication to stop the bleeding to help the pregnancy.Hope that answers your queries. Have a good day.