Localized Pain on Inner Side of knee after Replacement and Revision

Patient: I am a 67 yo female of average weight and health. For years I’ve had knee pain when going up and down (especially down) stairs, getting up from a low chair and can’t even think of climbing a ladder.My orthopedic did a TKR on the right knee in 2007, no improvement. He suggested I consult another ortho, who felt that the patellar button was loose so he replaced it in 2010. No improvement and he said “Patellar tendinitis”. In 2011 I consulted yet another whose diagnosis was “necrosis of the patella”. Flaking pieces of bone could be seen on the xray.My inner knee is sore to the touch below the knee and two inches off center. My left knee is sore at the same spot. I’d appreciate any ideas you might have. Thank you.