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Location of Testosterone Shot Injection

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I recently got prescribed testosterone shots, 1 every 2 weeks. The first one I got at the doctors office, but the rest is up to me. I just gave myself the first one(after some difficulty getting the liquid into the plunger-reverse vaccum effect). here are my questions: 1. what happens if I miss muscle and inject into fat? (does the testosterone still absorb, but more slowly, or does it not work) 2. why in the butt? I can find a muscle in my quadriceps or my deltoid much more easily


The appropriate technique to apply an intramuscular injection is as follows: the gluteal region has to be divided in 4 equal quadrants and the right place to insert the needle, which has to enter perpendicularly to the skin, is the superior and outer quadrant, because in this quadrant we are far enough from the Sciatic nerve. It is recommended that somebody apply the injection to you. If the right technique is followed, the needle won’t miss the muscle. Depending on the amount of liquid per injection you can choose gluteal, quadriceps or deltoid, more liquid , you will need a bigger muscle, that’s why. And yes, even injected in the fat, the testosterone is absorbed, but there is risk of abscess formation on the site.

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