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Locked in syndrome patients having attack

Patient: What is the cause for a locked in syndrome patient to have attacks that cause him to sweat really badly and his body becomes stiff and hands turn inward as if making a fist? patient was in coma for 3 after a stroke and now in locked in syndrome also has diabetes and high blood pressure and low hemoglobin eating through a feeding tube can i get a plan for him what to feed and what not to do


Symptoms: Sweating stiff body attacks

Doctor: Thanks for the question dear patient, The locked-in syndrome (pseudocoma) describes patients who are awake and conscious but selectively deefferented, i.e., have no means of producing speech, limb or facial movements. Acute ventral pontine lesions are its most common cause. People with such brainstem lesions often remain comatose for some days or weeks, needing artificial respiration and then gradually wake up, but remaining paralyzed and voiceless, superficially resembling patients in a vegetative state or akinetic mutism.Once a LIS patient becomes medically stable, and given appropriate medical care, life expectancy increases to several decades. The sweating is probably due to an hypoglycemic episode and nutrition needs to be monitered and my advise is to consult a neurologist and a dietician for further needful.


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