Long foreskin causing problems..unable to have sex with condom!!

Patient: Ok so im 18 years old an starting to have sexual intercourse but im uncircumcised with a long foreskin and i can retract it easily while erect but the problem is it wont stay retracted and this is a problem when i use a condom…because while under the condom my retracted foreskin will slide back up over the head and then i wont feel any sexual sensation..Is there any tricks i can use to keep my foreskin back so it can stay behind the glans while under the condom so i can have sex??

Doctor: Thank you for your question.Since you naturally have an excessive amount of foreskin, it may be difficult to keep the fo reskin retracted during sexual intercourse. You may need to consult a your doctor to determine if you may be a candidate for circumcision.Thank you for choosing AskTheDoctor.com for your medical query.