Long lasting leg pain from car accident years ago.

Patient: Hi, About 4 years again i was in a car accident and my left knee hit the dash and cracked it. I went for X-Rays and was checked out by both the hospital and my GP and only had bruising and soft tissue damage. The X-Rays where all normal. Since the accident i get a very deep pain in my upper thigh down to my calf a once or twice a week. It does not be tied to any type of specific activity that i can tell. this normally lasts a day or two until i am forced to take pain medication. What do you think this could be?

Doctor: The pain may be the residual pain after injury, or may be due to improper healing of the soft tissue injury that may hav e occurred during the accident. Also there may be a possibility of posterior cruciate ligament injury, which is commonly seen with knee injuries from direct hit on the dash board during accidents. You need to get your examined by an orthopedic specialist for better management. Physical therapy might help improve the strength and reduce pain.