Long running penile yeast infection.

Patient: I have a penile yeast infection and am an uncircumsized male. Its been going on for a few months. What are some things I can do to eliminate it? I’ve cut down on sweets and I believe practice good hygiene. I do believe I eat more bread and drink pop alot more then I should. I originally got this from an antibiotic I was taking for acne several years ago. Once I quit taking it I rarely got one until now. Help?

Symptoms: No rash or bumps. Just discharge when i pull the foreskin back

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIf you are concerned about the discharge underneath the foreskin or p repuce, then you must understand that may be just SMEGMA, which is natural discharge from the glands. Unless there has been constant itching which has been involved , it would not indicate a yeast infection. However diabetes is known to promote yeast infection , but as you are not , so stopping on foods which are high in sugar content is nice but will not help you protect from fungal infection if any.Fungal infection has to be confirmed first by a penile smear culture test which if grows fungal hyphae on sabourad’s medium then fungus stands confirmed and you could be easily treated with oral ANTI-FUNGALS , with once a week regime for 3 weeks. However it is advisable that you may visit your physician for a local examination and evaluation to diagnose in a better manner.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you health,regards