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Long Term Effects of Marijauna Use

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Dear Doctors, In his mid-twenties my son was a moderate to heavy user of marijuana in social situations for a period of two to three years. He assures me that he was not addicted. When he decided to stop using it, he was able to just stop on his own. He has not smoked in three years, and he is now engaged to a beautiful conservative young woman who knows nothing of this aspect of his past. Could my son's marijuana use compromise their future chances of having a healthy family? Should my son tell his fiancee of his past use?


Marijuana is a drug that has relaxant, euphoric and hallucinogenic properties. The symptoms of marijuana usage include euphoria, relaxed state, increased appetite, disorientation. When used for a long time it causes confusion, sleepy state, uncommunicative behaviour.
There has been no study that shows usage of marijuana effecting the chances of having a healthy family, though long term use causes lung damage due to the inhaled smoke.

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