Long term odd sleep issues

Patient: OK after flumoxing my GPs and locum I feel forced to turn to the internet.I’m 35, work in sales and am reasonably good at handling stress. I’m relatively healthy, don’t drink excessively or do drugs. I have a healthy diet but Smoke 15 a day and control my caffeine intake.However, for about 20 years, I have had a bizarre problem with sleep. I can wake up paralised( completely or partially), blind or I see things that I know are not there. My girl friend has expereinced me going through these thigns and has helped when I can’t move. Bouts usually last about 5 minutes before normalisation is resumed. I have at times had trouble waking myself and go through false awakenings. There’s this weird audio hallucination thing aswell just as get to the “tipping point” into sleep. The sound will be random, recent choices being my name being called, my phone ring tone and a horn sounding. Other issues over the years including feeling real pain as of a result of an injury sustained in a dream and waking up completely confused of what’s going on. If I have a bad dream it can affect me emotionally for hours.I get spells of a few weeks of this sporadically throughout the year and when it happens I may aswell not sleep as I get up exhausted, unfocused and unnecessarily miserable.During the year my dreams are pretty vivid and memeorable and play out like films or sketches and I remeber them all in good detail.I am not expecting this to come back in 9 seconds as I have seen 5 doctors who have told me things such as “you’ve taught yourself how to do this” and “you’re depressed – take prozac”. Prozac didn’t help it actually made it worse.Any thoughts welcome