Long term symptoms, appear to be progressing

Patient: Hello,About six months ago I found two small but apparent lymph nodes. One is on the right side of my neck, the other in my right groin area. Three months later, I began developing frequent, low grade fevers and rashes on my arms, neck and chest area, and stomach. The fevers and rashes come and go. At that point, my Dr decided to biopsy my lymph node in my groin. I do not have lymphoma. I have also seen a rheumatologist, thyroid/gland specialist, head and neck dr, and all cannot figure out what is causing my symptoms. In the past two months, small lipomas have appeared all over my abdomen and on the under side of my arms and back of my thighs. I literally have hundreds of them. The dermatologist biopsied two, so I know that they are lipomas. I also have swelling on the left side of my face, under my chin, and above my shoulders at times. A genetic specialist looked at my file, and I do not appear to have a familial genetic disorder causing my symptoms. More recently my fevers are back, I am having achy pain in my legs and knees and am more fatigued. My skin is pale and my veins are easy to see. My arms and legs often have a purpleish tint, or small purple webbing. My fingernails turn purple quickly when I get cold and my skin begins to mottle all over. I have also lost about 5 pounds, especially in my legs. My focus and memory also seem to be affected, as I am making a lot of mistakes at work. I am a 30 year old female. I am thin and in the past have had few health problems, except for pancreatitis and gallstones after my pregnancy. Any ideas on what is causing my symptoms would be appreciated. Thank you.

Symptoms: unexplained weight loss, low grade fevers, rashes, lipomas all over abdomen, underside of arms, and on back of upper thighs, fatigue, pale skin, thin skin, swelling of left side of face, below chin, and above shoulders at times, affected memory and concentration, achy legs, swollen lymph nodes in neck and groin