Loose skin at eighteen years old. February Sixteenth.

Patient: Hi, I am 18 years old and male. For a great portion of my life I was over weight, then at 13-14 I started to realize I had to lose weight and better myself before High school. So I ate less and exercised and I went from 240 to 165. Although this is great, I have a lot of loose skin around my body, noticeably around my abdominal area. Now 18, I am quite muscular and I do strength train, as well as running 10 miles every other day. However, I cannot get this loose skin to budge, I can literally pull my leg skin a few inches out, as well as my belly. Also if I do a push up, it sags like a piece of meat….Is there a proven natural way to tighten skin? I do enough exercise that it would of tightened by now.