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Loss of appetite, fatigue, weight loss if i am not forcing myself to eat.

Patient: Loss of appetitie, fatigue, wieght loss if im not forcing myself to eat. can this be CANCER?mild headaches, feel like food is comming up to my throat



Symptoms: Hello doctor. 5 foot 8 male 149 pounds
Towards the end of september last year i started getting bloated for couple of days, feeling full after eating very little. I was constipated at that time, was eating alot of protien. domperidone for 10 days fixed up my apptite and bloating was gone.
Since then i have been to a doctor done a full blood test including fbc, esr. One doctor stated my blood is quiet healthy, another doctor said there is nothing worrying in your blood tests for us, other then low vitamin D.
Since the bloating and feeling full after eating very little i have been having apeptite issues. I only get hungry once or twice MAX and i have to force myself to eat otherwise i feel tired and loose wieght.
I lost 2 kg 3 weeks ago everybody told me your looking skinny so i was worried i will keep on losing wieght so i started forcing my self to eat, i had gained wieght back on.
After eating very quickly and alot of food i started to get a feeling like something is comming back up, and i was getting sour mouth taste one and off. Omeprazole didnt help with the food coming back up. I ate slowley and was taking petic liquid for heartburn indigestion and that helped but still no apptite.
I have to force myself to eat to not lose wieght. I do get abdominal pain here and there. I do black/faint like feeling when standing up. This was coming ALOT untill i started to eat more and that went away got alot better but it still comes on im thinking its because im not eating enough.
I have been getting mild headaches, feel nauseaous at times, losing alot of wieght if im not forcing calories in and feel fatigued. Im now losing wieght at the moment lost 4 pounds but i started eating and gained back 2 pounds i was forcefully eating myself.
Im currnetly being tested for the H pylor infection.
Doctor stated she is not worried about cancer because i would be loosing blood in my stools and that would show in the blood count.
Because of the above i started getting aniexty attacks and panics attack , taking citalopram since 2 months.



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Noted your history of losing weight, regaining after forceful e ating but losing again. Later on feeling that the food is coming back, getting sour mouth taste and Omeprazole did not help. Eating slowly, taking peptic liquid for heartburn and indigestion helped but still have no appetite. Your Doctors’ opinions seen.Now getting anxiety and panic attacks,Since you have a question related to whether this can be cancer or not, I would advise you the following:- Upper GI Endoscopy, biopsy as required and- CT scan of the abdomen and chest- Tests of stool including occult blood done for 3 consecutive, urine and blood ( are already must have been done).These are the only tests to decide and confirm or rule out the cancer. Please consult and talk to your Doctor and get these done to quieten your anxiety and panic attack.

Comments / Follow Ups

Patient: Thank you for your reply doctor.
I had a ecg done 2 times once was normal and the other time i done it 2 times in one go and the nurse phoned up the doctor who is suppose to be a heart specalist but is a general practician asked the nurse about my age. The nurse told the doctor the p wave is flat and i heard in the background the doctor asking if it is completly flat and she said no and the doctor asked if im getting chest pain and i still am but he stated to come in and do more tests if i continue getting chest pains. I go again and he stated the ecg was normal? i didnt tell him about the p wave.
Also do you think a single x ray of the abdomen or chest will be enough? as well as a ultrasound of the abdomen?
I want to ask looking at my symptoms of what i have told you.. should i be worried about cnacer?

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
If there is a problem, there has to be a solution and that is possible by proper diagnostics.
Medical field is based on facts and hence it is worth doing hte tests as indicated/told to you by your Doctors.
Cancer and heart related problems can be life threatening and can not just be guessed, it needs solid diagnostic base and hence please undergo related tests. Anything short of these like just X-ray or ultrasound will not help at all.
Same thing about EKG, if abnormal, a protocol based diagnostics has to be run.
I hope you are getting my point.
Next will be the last follow-up, please feel free to ask for the relevant question if you have.

Patient: why are my doctors not worried if I might be have cancer or if my ecg is abnormAl. When the doctor and nurse was talking the ecg didn’t sound normal and doctor said come back if still having chest pain. I asked the doctor he stated it’s normal ecg so I didn’t mention the p wave. Also if my bloods tests are healthy is that the reason why they are not worried about cancer? I fee l like my doctors are not caring about me.
I live in the UK and registered to a gp.

Doctor: Hi.
How can I tell why your Doctors are not worried, it is possible that your findings, age or so may not be fitting into the diseases you are talking about.
If you have no chest pain, why to worry for minor changes in one of the EKG? If the EKG is perceived normal by the Doctor, it may definitely be normal.
Normal blood tests do not rule out cancer.
Insist for the tests I mentioned above.
Start trusting the Doctors.
This is your second follow-up (the last allowed per this question).
Please ask a fresh question if you have any further doubts.
Take care, there may not be a serious matter and go for the tests if indicated so.
Take the treatment properly as advised by your Doctor as he considers all the facts related to your case.

Patient: thank you for your help doctor. If I wanted to continue the question how could I go ahead and pay to continue the question?

Doctor: Please ask a fresh question and give reference ID 366761.


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