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Loss of Feeling in Knee After Motor Accident.

Patient: I was in a car accident last may (2014) and im concerned about my right knee. I hit it off the dashboard really hard and couldn’t walk for a few days, and had severe bruising that lasted about a month or so. I had an x ray and theres no fracturing, but I still have severe pain and complete loss of feeling in several spots on the inner left side by my knee cap even after 10 months now. I was told I can’t have an MRI because I have metal screws in my lower back, and I’m starting to feel hopeless as to what I should do. Ive been to my family doctor and he just tells me to take Advil. Ive been going to physical therapy for several months now and still no improvement. What is your opinion on my situation as to what you think it could be, and what I should do next?


Symptoms: Numbness and complete loss of feeling in spots on knee, aching pain after walking bending, tenderness, swelling after exertion, occasional popping grinding.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think you have bursitis in the area around the knee. The area around the knee has a lo t of small fluid-filled sacs. These will cause fluid to accumulate in them and then cause compression of nerves.This compression of nerves could be leading to the numbness you have seen. Talk to a Doctor to get a USG done. If that is normal, you can get a nerve conduction study done.Hope you recover quickly. All the best.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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