Loss of sexual pleasure internally and externally

Patient: I have noticed that i have lost sensation (sexually) when i have intercourse, i usually have stimulation from my nipples being stimulated, clitourous and external as well as the act of penetration itself. My partner and i have been both tested for STD’s and ive never had a bladder or yeast infection so its not that. I have a high sex drive still, i just cant connect the sensation anymore, we are active and everything was fine until last night when we tried to have intercourse, i was initially numb i didnt know he was inside of me, i couldnt feel anything at first then pressure but no pleasure like usual. we tried again today, i can feel him im no longer numb anymore but i still get little to no pleasure from it and its unsual and a very sudden onset and its causing me anxiety. Should i be worried? Is that normal?

Symptoms: Symptoms: Sudden onset of breif numbness, pain and loss of sexual pleasure internally and externally