Lost 9 kg in 2 days?!

Patient: Hii have pretty clammy skin right now and im sweating a biti have abdominal pain but i think that is because of my period.i dont know what it is but when i weighed myself a few minutes ago, i noticed i lost nearly 9 kilos since 2 days ago, the last time i weighed my self. i look paler than normal.Other than these, im not experiencing anything out of the ordinary.

Symptoms: Clamminess
pale skin
significant loss of weight

Doctor: Thank you for your question.It is possible that you have experienced a large amount of blood loss during your period. You may be experiencing dysfunctional uterine bleeding. The blood loss which you experienced could be responsible for your sudden weight loss. We believe that this requires immediate medical attention, as the paleness of your skin and clammy skin may indicate you may develop more serious symptoms which could cause you to loose consciousness. Please go to your nearest emergency department to undergo a complete evaluation into the cause of your symptoms. Here you will be safely monitored, and have tests performed to assist the medical team in determining what could cause these sudden symptoms and start treatment immediately.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com