Lost my babe at four wks with no explanation

Patient: I’m 22 years old I was 4 weeks pregnant when I started having severe stomach pain. Went to er and my hcg level wears 569. The next day it was 537. They told me I was miscarrying. They did do ultrasound which showed nothing because I was to early. They did laparascopy and d and c and also did a pathology and when pathology came back it showed no sign of The baby at all or the sac so the dr was confused. I went for bloodwork a week later and my level was 16. Than the next week it was 0. They than said they thinkI had an ectopic preg. But keep in mind I never had any bleeding at all. Do you think it was an ectopic? And it’s been three weeks and I’m ovulating I really want to get preg again could this happen to me next time?