Lost of Appetite after Episode of Vomiting.

Patient: Hi, my girlfriend seemed to have suffered something along the lines of indigestion from a steak (severe vomiting and nausea but no diarrhea) 17 days ago, and since then, she has lost her appetite. She can eat as much as she could before, but can’t enjoy her food. Are there any remedies which can stimulate her appetite?

Doctor: The most probable cause of her loss of appetite may be due to the burning of her esophagus by the acids in the stomach w hen she had the episode of vomiting. This condition will usually subside on its own in about a month and no treatment is required. Over the counter antacids will help with symptoms of indigestion. She must avoid alcohol during this time.

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Guest: I had those symptoms the night after I had a steak dinner, although I don’t have a huge appetite during the day anyway. I went into the doctor to get checked out because I just didn’t want to eat. After finding out that I was just severely dehydrated, I had an IV at the hospital where they also took some blood and came back with I was pregnant.